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Encapsulating the Crawlspace, When Mold Takes Over.

A homeowner’s worst expense is the one that you can’t even see and isn’t likely to improve home value. That’s where we found ourselves last year. Our first year in our home was a drought year. We had some rain, but by mid august… Continue Reading “Encapsulating the Crawlspace, When Mold Takes Over.”

Fixing Discolored Grout

I’m not a tile pro by any means, but I’ve installed tile in our various homes over the years at least 6 times now. So I considered myself, at the very least, somewhat experienced… However, our recent kitchen remodel (Finally, A Kitchen for the… Continue Reading “Fixing Discolored Grout”

Finally, A Kitchen for the New Year

Happy 2021! Last night I made sure to stay up and open the door at midnight to kick 2020 out of here. Sounds silly, but it’s the truth. I’m not one to stay up late, ever… but I made it, just for that purpose.… Continue Reading “Finally, A Kitchen for the New Year”

Fabrico Above Ground Pool Dome Review

Shortly after moving into our house Daniel was determined he wanted a pool. We’ve had a pool before. Who was out cleaning it all the time? Me. Who doesn’t like to swim? Me. I did not want a pool… But I was outvoted and… Continue Reading “Fabrico Above Ground Pool Dome Review”

Backyard Chickens. Is it worth it?

When Covid hit and the grocery store shelves started going a bit bare, I started feeling like we needed to be a little more self sufficient. I’ve had chickens in the past. I really enjoyed having them. I parted ways when coyotes found them… Continue Reading “Backyard Chickens. Is it worth it?”

Flooret Modin Rigid Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Review – Sutton Signature

When the menfolk started tearing down walls, it became painfully obvious that we would not be able to live in our house without replacing the flooring, sooner rather than later. We had 4 different flooring types going on downstairs with chunks missing where the… Continue Reading “Flooret Modin Rigid Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Review – Sutton Signature”

Step One – Tear Down This Wall.

When I showed my husband this house on Zillow he wasn’t interested at all. We were having a hard time finding something with all of our wants with room to park our camper, quiet neighborhood and close to town. I was getting desperate and… Continue Reading “Step One – Tear Down This Wall.”

Turkish Towel Review

I usually travel with a rolled up microfiber towel, just in case. And while it’s worked in a pinch, it’s not very absorbent to me and it looks ugly… well at home this year my house towels were all getting musty smelling. They just… Continue Reading “Turkish Towel Review”

High Tech Pet Wifi Automatic Pet Door and Bluefang Collar Review

Obviously 2020 has been a wash for travel plans. But in prep for all my travel ideas for 2021, I started searching for the best automatic pet door to make it easier on my dogs and pet sitter when we are away. I had… Continue Reading “High Tech Pet Wifi Automatic Pet Door and Bluefang Collar Review”