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Xero Shoes Barefoot Z-Trail Sandal Review

At risk of sounding like a walking, talking Xero Shoe fanatic… oh what the heck… I am a Xero Shoe fanatic! I have a growing collection of barefoot shoes. Xero Shoes are my favorites. Recently I bought my son and I both a pair… Continue Reading “Xero Shoes Barefoot Z-Trail Sandal Review”

Xero Shoes Mika Boot 4 Weeks in Europe Review

Xero Shoe Mika Boot 4 Weeks in Europe Review

Top Recommendations for Barefoot/Minimalist Shoes

Probably my most important travel tip is to find yourself the perfect pair of shoes (or several) that suits your travel needs. Those well worn purple Vibram “toe shoes” as we call them were my first trek into the barefoot/minimalist shoe world. They walked… Continue Reading “Top Recommendations for Barefoot/Minimalist Shoes”