Bielefelder Chickens

Chicks Available

Looking for Bielefelders? We hatch out a small batch, around 15 chicks, once a month or so from our well loved, very spoiled flock. Located in Huntsville, AL. We are not a big operation. We use this as a homeschool extracurricular activity. Chicks are handled often until they depart for their new homes. Occasionally we have older, laying hens available as well.

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Female chicks

$12 each. None currently available

Male chicks hatching 4/10

$5 each. None currently available

Laying hens

None currently available

What are Bielefelders? They are know as the German engineered Uber chicken. A dual purpose meat and egg laying bird. For reference, my hens are roughly 7-8lbs and my rooster is 12lbs. My girls lay 4-5 eggs a week, but will slow down in the winter months to 2 a week. Eggs are large and brown with a hint of pink to them.

They are auto sexing, meaning male and female are colored differently when they hatch so there isn’t any guessing. While this is completely true, there may still be some guessing involved. Girls have distinct, dark, chipmunk striping down their head and back with vivid eyeliner. Boys will be blonde with faint or no chipmunk stripe on their back and have a white or yellow dot on their heads. Sometimes I get a boy with a stronger chipmunk stripe but a bright yellow dot on their head. If I’m unsure, I can usually tell in a few days by behavior and posture and their head spot will become more prominent.

Very docile. My rooster is the sweetest roo I’ve ever had. They all come when I call and I never have to worry about them being ugly towards guests or kids. The hens are not known for being broody, but I have two that will. Even then, they are very sweet and let me check eggs in exchange for neck scratches and treats. We love the sounds they make. Kind of like a purring dinosaur for lack of anything that sounds similar… 😂

We’ve owned several different breeds of chickens but these have been my favorites. They may not be the fanciest, but they are dependable.