When life gives you lemons, change up your blog.

I originally started this blog as a family travel blog. I thought it would be a great outlet to share our adventures with others and maybe help families plan their trips by reading our experiences. Then 2020 happened. I feel like I’ve gone through many different stages of grief over the death of vacations. Daniel has been off on a few work trips, even internationally… But Riley and I have been stuck at home. Make no mistake, I am not scared of Covid… I had it in March… It sucked… I would happily go pack up my bags and jump on a plane to some other country right now. But having watched my husband go through quarantine insanity and the fear of potentially having a fever and getting stuck in some other country’s hospital upon arrival doesn’t sound appealing. So my blog has sat dead for most of the year. I couldn’t figure out anything worthwhile to write about. Nothing interesting to share. I was in mourning for my former life. First world problems, I know…

That said, life was still happening. This year we added a new bathroom upstairs, completely remodeled our master bathroom, put down all new flooring on the 2nd level, added new kitchen cabinets/counters, stair railing, a back deck, chickens… And I’m missing stuff in that list, but you get the point, it’s been a lot! I started thinking how all of our home renovating experiences might be interesting to some who are looking for ideas or maybe just a little encouragement to try something new in their home. Slowly, ever so slowly, I started getting the itch to write again. Even if it’s about something boring like wall trim… I don’t know if merging my travel blog into a mix-mash of family home renovation and random ramblings is a good idea, but here we are. I need the diversion. I still sit here scrolling through travel websites and dreaming of future vacations while also searching through the world wide web to hunt down floating shelves… Procrastinating because there is a pallet of tile sitting in our garage waiting for me to install on the kitchen backsplash… I feel like this renovation is never ending. Which means I’ll have a lot to write about. So here’s your official welcome to my seemingly random blog of life happenings. It feels good to be back.

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