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When the menfolk started tearing down walls, it became painfully obvious that we would not be able to live in our house without replacing the flooring, sooner rather than later. We had 4 different flooring types going on downstairs with chunks missing where the walls once stood, holes in the subfloor of those chunks from wiring, and lots of spots to stub your toes trying to dodge it all. I had a big MUST HAVE list while I hunted for flooring. Must hold up to big dogs, crazy kid, more construction work and water splashing on it in the kitchen and bathroom. And must not break the bank. I wanted the same flooring throughout the whole house, no carpet and no ceramic tile as the subfloor was not 100% level anymore and the existing tile had cracked over time. No hardwood as I’ve learned hard wood stands for easily damaged… It had to survive and look great for a good 10yrs in case we sell this house when Riley moves out. I don’t want to be laying flooring again!

Photo comparing the wear layer thickness of Flooret Sutton Signature on the bottom to a brand from both Lowe’s and Home Depot. As you can see, Flooret’s wear layer is twice as thick or more. The wear layer is the “clear” layer above the white line that the arrow is pointing to.

I brought home several samples from Lowe’s and Home Depot. Each time I would take my car key and see how easily it would scratch. Disappointed often. I finally decided it had to be Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) but I still wasn’t happy with the “affordable” options Lowes and Home Depot offered. The price jump for their better LVP we could order was in the $6-10 per sqft range. We have 2300sqft to cover here. That was painful to add up. I started searching online and found Flooret. They boasted a 40mil wear layer, larger planks, and a cheaper price as they cut out the middle man and sell direct. I ordered samples of several colors. That is a VERY important tip. Order the samples. I know they aren’t free, but the color on your computer and what that sample looks like in your house under your ceiling lights and natural light from your windows is totally different. You can see this if you check out Flooret’s customer photos. The same flooring looks like 20 different shades of brown depending on the lighting of the home. I thought for sure I wanted Ashford, but I ended up picking Sutton Signature as Ashford seemed too dark in my space. It’s worth pointing out that Flooret offers 2 different models of each color, one with a 20mil wear layer and one with a 40mil wear layer. Obviously there is a price difference. I decided that price was worth it to get the thicker wear layer because life happens…

It’s here!

The ordering process went totally smooth. We were given a shipping notification and the shipper contacted us to set up a delivery time and gave us a heads up prior to their arrival. It was unloaded straight into our garage. Flooret will replace any damaged pieces so don’t hesitate to contact them if there is an issue. We did have one damaged box on a short end, but ended up using those pieces anyway as we needed some cuts that allowed to remove the damaged bit. To spread out the cost some, we only ordered the downstairs first and then the upstairs was done later once the bank account recuperated a bit.

Laying this flooring is pretty easy. I actually did most all the laying while Daniel would make the cuts. We kept up with each other pretty good that way and had the downstairs finished in two weekends. The only word of caution I have is to be careful when tapping it down to lock into the short end of the previous plank. If you go too far it will bubble up the edge. I did damage a couple planks by doing that. Later I noticed we have a couple spots of the floor where that happened ever so slightly but we didn’t notice. This had me really worried if they would separate or damage with wear, but a year and a half later, those spots have caused us no problems whatsoever.

One of my favorite things about this flooring is how far it can go without needing transition strips between rooms. Flooring needs a little breathing room to expand during the warmer months. Most flooring needs a transition strip just to allow some gap to let the flooring move. Flooret Modin Rigid has such a small expansion that this isn’t necessary. We were able to lay the downstairs with only one transition strip and that was my fault as I got it a little misaligned in one room that connected through to the bathroom. I couldn’t seem to get it to back up straight, so it was either take up the flooring I had laid in that room and try to re-lay it, or put a transition strip. I was tired. I chose the transition strip. Upstairs we had the floor installed by a contractor who made it through all the bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways with no transition. Just one smooth surface throughout. I love it. We also experienced no “off gassing” smell that can come with most flooring options.

Care of this flooring is so easy. It vacuums fine, my robot vacuum doesn’t get hung up on anything, you can use a wet mop for bad messes, but I usually use a Bona spray mop with microfiber cloth. A plus with the Sutton color, it hides dust and pet hair SOOOOO well! It is not a shiny finish, but does have a slight grain imprint. That imprint can collect some dirt from muddy paws. The back door area gets a little grungy faster, to be expected. I’m happy there is an imprint on it as it gives some grip. The floors are not slippery like a hardwood floor. No sliding in your socks, you’ll have to break out the rollerblades, or in our case, Riley rolled around the house on the garage cart with the dogs chasing him for hours…

We have put some scratches into the wear layer. A couple in the kitchen from moving the appliances when the new cabinets were installed. And one in our guest room done by the contractor and we didn’t notice until later. The ones in the kitchen are not deep and only noticeable by me as I saw it when it happened. I don’t even think Daniel could find them if he tried. The one upstairs looks like a nail caught it sideways and made a scratch in. It reminds me of a paper cut on your finger. I’m not happy its there and sadly, in an open spot you can see… But it’s not through the wear layer, and as it’s the guest room, it’s not going to get any worse. The dogs have not put ANY scratches or wear on it, both are over 50lbs and very active.

At the time of this writing, the downstairs has been in for 21 months and the upstairs for 9 months, all through continuous renovation. I am THRILLED with how well this flooring is doing given the beating we have given it. I never have to worry about wet kid coming in from the pool, my large dogs running races around the stairwell, rearranging the furniture, etc… It was the best decision we could have ever made! A bonus, we were very thrifty in our measuring and cuts and ended up not using as much overage as we had thought. We have enough left over to install in our camper. A project for next summer!

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  2. Any issues with your flooring? I can’t tell, did you use an underlayment?

    • No issues at all. We did not use an underlayment. If laying on a concrete slab, you may want to put down a vapor barrier, but otherwise the flooring has a thick, dense foam backing already. No underlayment needed. Some of our rooms had paper on the sub floor from the previous owner. Like a roll you lay over your wood floors when moving stuff in and you don’t want them scratched. I did leave it, just to not get splinters when I was walking around barefoot…. But there was no difference between those rooms or rooms without it.

  3. I didn’t see my question on the blog, as I have no idea how to respond to one. (Please don’t laugh too hard!) We are getting our floor prepped for installation of Arbor Basic. The Signature is too wide for our rooms. Do you have any suggestions for prep?

    • There really isn’t much prep needed unless you have uneven floors. The flooring can take a little unevenness fine, but if it’s a big dip you would want to poor some self leveling stuff there to even it out. Then just make sure it’s clean. I had to vacuum as I laid the floor, row by row as I didn’t want any debris underneath to work it’s way into the padding or anything. I also didn’t want debris in the grooves when locking together. Somehow a lot would get tracked in between cutting and laying. But it’s a pretty easy floor to put in.

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