Turkish Towel Review

I usually travel with a rolled up microfiber towel, just in case. And while it’s worked in a pinch, it’s not very absorbent to me and it looks ugly… well at home this year my house towels were all getting musty smelling. They just take too long to get dry down here in the humid south. I started researching towels that dry faster but knew I wanted something nicer than my ugly microfiber travel towel… I stumbled upon 100% cotton Turkish towels. These suckers range all over in price and colors. But not knowing if I was going to like them, I found some cheap ones on Amazon and bought a set to try. (Bosphorus Turkish Towels for $47.90, set of 4). I read tons of reviews. A few caught my eye about care. One said to soak the towels in cold water for at least 4hrs to let the cotton “bloom” to make them more absorbent. No idea if that’s true, but I did it and hung them to dry. Certainly felt softer than when they arrived! Many said they get better with washing, and to wash cold water delicate, no fabric softener and line dry or machine dry on delicate to fluff them. Cotton doesn’t like heat. Ok! I can do that. I do machine dry on delicate with my wool dryer balls with a couple drops of essential oils for a fresh scent.

I actually love them. They are always dry by the next use. No, they aren’t thick like looped terry cloth, but they are absorbent and get me dry just as quickly. They are also very large. I can easily wrap myself up and be completely covered. I do believe I’ll replace my microfiber travel towel for one of these. Not only is it practical, but it makes a nice bathing suit cover up or a shawl if it’s chilly, or a throw blanket. I’ll have to get some cute colors. Highly recommend!

Bosphorus Turkish towels in light gray.
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