A Zoo in Huntsville, Al?

Now here is some really exciting news for Northern Alabama. Our family transplanted ourselves in Huntsville, AL a little over 4 years ago and grew to love it here right away. Huntsville is a great place for families and is like the land of opportunity for the Aerospace and Technology industries. We have just about everything larger cities would have but we aren’t so large that we are overwhelmed with traffic. Granted that we can get a little backed up during rush hour but for the most part we can keep it moving. We did notice one thing that we don’t have here though that most cities of our size do have and that is a zoo. We weren’t going to let that keep us down though. We’ve made it a point to visit most every zoo and aquarium within a 4 hour drive to us and they all have something great.

We had the Lorikeet aviary at the Birmingham Zoo and the Giraffe feeding at the Chattanooga Zoo. The Tennessee Aquarium, also in Chattanooga, has an awesome Riverwater Otter exhibit. If we want to go all the way to Atlanta you can feed the tortoises at the zoo and the Georgia Aquarium, in Atlanta was named the largest aquarium in the world. All these are great options but they are all hours away, we should have something a little closer.

Turns out that I’m not the only person who feels this way. The North Alabama Zoological Society (NALZS) has made it their mission to bring a Zoo and Aquarium to North Alabama. No location has been set in stone but the Rocket City is probably the main contender for North Alabama. And living up to the Rocket City standards the plan is to go all out. A zoo in itself would be a pleasure but the plan also includes an aquarium, a facility dedicated to conservation and the NALZS has already begun partnering with organizations like A&M to develop a research facility. It’s too soon in the game to know what the end stages will hold but I’m sure we will be in for a treat.

If you are at all interested I would suggest checking out the organization at https://www.nalzs.org/ or check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/azooforyounorthalabama/. We are likely a few years out from the ground breaking but the NALZS Board and Corporate Leadership are dedicated to this agenda and have set the cart in motion. NALZS and their partners are currently in a Fundraising Campaign for 2020. Here’s an article from the local WHNT news station with even more details on what is to come. Group begins fundraising campaign to bring zoo, aquarium to north Alabama

I’m so excited about a zoo coming to Huntsville myself that I’ve even started volunteering with the organization. If you would like to be involved with what is coming down the plan I would again recommend checking out the organization, or maybe even donating yourself. Feel free to enter my name down as a reference, Daniel Butler, if you decide to get involved one way or another. You can leave a post here as well, let us know what you think.

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