Best chocolate cake in Austria? Maybe?

In researching for our Europe trip I kept coming across people talking about how you had to try the chocolate cake in Austria. Not just any cake, but the Sachertorte. Added it to my bucket list. So when we stopped in Salzburg it was one of my must do activities. I love me some chocolate cake. I figured you had to be authentic and try the ORIGINAL Sachertorte from Hotel Sacher right? Well it’s a fancy place and we were dressed like a few winter weather hikers with matted up hat hair… Thankfully, they have a small walk in shop off the road on the side of the hotel. Didn’t feel out of place at all walking in and ordering our cake. We bought a 6 serving size and decided to hold on to it for when we got back to my sisters house 6hrs away and share it with my brother in law. The suspense killed me and it taunted me for the next 24hrs dreaming of what kind of chocolate goodness it might be like.

Hotel Sacher’s little cake/candy shop, with the famous Sachertorte.
The torte/candy shop entrance is on the north/west corner of the building, circled here.
Even made sure it got its own seat to keep it safe.

They do a great job making your purchase fancy and seem worth the price. It was roughly $40 for our 6 serving size. It’s packaged in a fancy wrapped wood box and put in a gift bag.

It’s a pretty little cake, er torte… so I’ve always been told torte cake is flourless, but this does have flour in it. I felt like it was a little confused as to what it was. It’s got a layer of apricot jam and coated with a thick, but chewy dark chocolate.

The first bite…

So the verdict? We were all over the place on this one. I think it depends on your expectations. I was expecting a dense cake with dark chocolate and I love dark chocolate… I wasn’t aware it was an apricot jam until I took my first bite. It is a slightly tart jam. However, I thought it complimented the dark chocolate and dense cake really well. I might have wished for something a little more moist as this is on the dry side, but not crumbly. My sister who also loves dark chocolate was very disappointed. So how did we all rank it?

Me, I gave it a solid 9 for what it was. Not to be compared with any other type of cake. My sister gave it a 3, Riley gave it a 4 and my brother in law a 6. Which in the end meant that no one else wanted seconds and I had leftover cake the next day… score!

Not what he expected…

So, would I have it again? Sure! I don’t think the others would, but I’m still a chocolate fan! Did I have better deserts in Europe? YES! But I’m happy to check it off the bucket list. As a side note, Hotel Sacher’s little street shop also had a delicious looking assortment of chocolate candies if you need to satisfy the sweet tooth!

Location: Schwarzstraße 5-7, A-5020 Salzburg

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