When even a bad vacation sounds like a great idea…

I’m fairly new to vacation blogging. I’m sure some seasoned veterans out there are still spilling over with content to blog about during this Covid19 shutdown, but I’m just sitting here wishing to hit the road. Anywhere will do. I would be happy to take a tour of a sewage plant at this point if it meant a scenic drive along the way and a hotel stay with a good dinner somewhere. The closest thing I’ve come to a road trip is a 3hr drive to pick up some chickens. Eight little Bielefelder chicks to be exact. My attempt at being a little more self sustaining. Something this shutdown has made us more aware of trying to be. Although when restrictions are lifted and I get to go somewhere I’m making it ever more difficult to find pet sitters so I CAN leave. Our zoo now consists of 2 dogs, 3 cats, a prairie dog and 8 chickens… and a pool. I consider it the pet I never wanted as it requires more attention than the feathered and furry ones.

Anyway… I find myself sitting around day dreaming of trips I might want to take, or for the ease of planning, revisit somewhere we’ve already been. Which is an interesting thought. I can’t say I recommend that. In our case it seems like going back somewhere never lives up to the original wonderful experience and then your good memories become a bit tarnished. But I’ve had some bad trips. Like being deathly ill in Puerto Rico for 6 days of my 10 day trip only for a hurricane to hit when I was better which shut down the whole island… all while also carting around a cranky almost 2yr old who cried the entire flight home on my lap. (Word of wisdom, don’t fly with a lap baby. I know that child ticket costs extra money and it’s super appealing to save the cost… but it can be pure misery. It was the icing on the cake of a horrible vacation.)

What if I went back though? It’s not that big of an island and despite my sickness, and the hurricane, I did see most of it. Could I make it a better experience? Would I be bored out of my mind repeating things? Why am I even considering it when it truly goes down in my top 3 worst trips? Covid19. That’s why. I’ve hit the level of desperation that I would even take a miserable trip if it meant going somewhere.

It’s messing with my mind. We did 10 days in Oahu. We had 4 days that my husband wasn’t working (those days were the best!) and the rest left Riley and I on our own, without a vehicle, in Waikiki. Doesn’t sound bad right? It’s a pretty walkable strip. Plenty of restaurants, a beautiful beach, sunny days… what could possibly be bad about that?

Riley was 7. He fought me about everything. (Not much has changed since.) I’m not much of a shopper, but if we walked into a store, 1 minute was too long and he was bored and determined to make my experience miserable. No dine in restaurants because they took too long and all he wanted was a hamburger 3 times a day so McDonalds was my go to stop. Pretty sure I gained 15lbs and rarely eat McDonalds since. Took him to the closest beach so he didn’t have to walk so far, it was super hot and humid, it had rocks a few feet in and he got his knee skinned up. I love when you convince them to go somewhere fun and they prove how not fun it could be and then rub it in at how wrong you were… Convinced him to walk further to the good beach the next day. He had a blast playing on the sandbar and he didn’t want to leave, ever, but I was sun burned and so hot I drug him out, only for him to get chaffed on the walk home from sand in his swim trunks. You know the drill, I ruined his fun day by making him leave and then made it worse because he now can’t walk without waddling like he’s trying to carry a balloon between his knees and made sure everyone that looked at him funny knew it was my fault by loudly complaining that I shouldn’t have taken him. So the next day we stay at the hotel to recover. Someone’s youngster pooped in the pool and it was shut down and the game room was out of order… I threw in the towel, we stayed in our room and he played on his iPad. We only emerged for food. Gorgeous Hawaii and it went down as my second worst vacation. However, I’m at the delusional stage that I could be convinced to forget all the bad and go again, even if it was a total repeat of my first visit, cranky kid and all.

My child did not inherit our love to travel genes. It’s made trips with him increasingly difficult, but even he is ready to get out of the house and go somewhere. He was reminiscing a few days ago about our Germany trip, one that he mostly hated and made sure to voice his displeasure with 800 various complaints a day… but claimed he is ready for a return trip just because we are losing our minds being cooped up 24×7. Although, I will admit, what he remembers has brought on some fantastic conversations about different cultures, architecture, time periods, and geography that I had hoped he would have delved into while we were there, not 3 months after the fact… but I’ll take it.

As the days drag on and I mostly spend time caring for the liquid pet in the backyard that I wish I could bulldoze, I’m finding I would even return for a second dose of my number 1 worst vacation. I’m even having a hard time remembering why it was so bad. Coming up with excuses for it and reasoning with myself that it wasn’t truly that awful… I think I need to start researching some new spots.

How about all of you? Where was your worst vacation spot? Has this lockdown made you rethink a return visit?

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2 Comments on “When even a bad vacation sounds like a great idea…

  1. You really should be a paid writer! I’m thinking our worse vaca was in FL with the motorhome “The Good Life” or as we renamed it when it sold as “The Good Luck” 😁 Maybe one day when Riley’s been gone out of the house a few years, you look back on these vacations and think “was he really that bad”? Wait, what am I thinking? I remember a Disney trip I went with you. I’ve never know a kid to be so miserable at the greatest place on earth! Lol.
    Happy future travels!

    • I’m sure my writing greatly offends grammar queens with my fabulously long run on sentences and improper comma usage… lol. It is interesting what we remember of past vacations, or maybe what we chose to remember and chose to forget. The Good Life trip for you might have been horrible, but I have great memories of that trip, despite its road bumps. No matter how bad Riley tries to make a trip, what he remembers of it tends to be two different things. To hear him talk about some of our worst trips you would think it was the best thing to ever happen to him. Guess thats kids for ya.

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