Xero Shoes Mika Boot 4 Weeks in Europe Review

As I’ve posted before, I’m a big barefoot shoe fan. I use multiple brands as seen in this post. However, I wanted to do a more in depth review on how the Xero Shoe Mika has held up on my 4 week trip through Germany, Austria and Czechia. First of all, these are a fabric exterior. They are water resistant but not water proof. Visiting Europe during its wetter time of year had me worried, however, not once did I have wet feet. Not even trudging through the Partnachklamm gorge and my son’s snow boots were soaked through and took 3 days to dry out… ugh. Being a “bulkier” shoe (very lightweight though), I decided to wear it on the plane rather than pack them. This meant they were annoying to unlace and take off for airport security, but they were surprisingly comfortable for my overnight flight and travel, like wearing slippers.

One thing I love about barefoot shoes is the sole flexibility, while the tread on the Mika is not super robust for heavy hiking, I never felt insecure with the grip as my foot could flex and work the way it’s meant to. I hiked 3hrs in the snow over boulders in Berchtesgaden National Park, after traveling there on public transport, ferry rides, and public transport back to Salzburg to walk around and get dinner before returning to the hotel. A total of 13hrs I had these boots on my feet through every terrain type I could throw at it and my feet were warm and comfortable all day. Cobblestone streets, asphalt, concrete, mud, ice, snow, rocks, creek crossings, puddles, they saw it all. Not just that day though, I did this to them repeatedly. They never once failed me and still look great after a few hundred miles of wear.

I did bring a back up pair of tennis shoes, my Merrel vapors, but I never wore them which would have ticked me off packing something I never used… however, lucky enough, my son and I wear the same size and he ended up wearing my tennis shoes after his snow boots failed him multiple times.

I hate recommending something I haven’t really tested but I feel like I can give these an A+ after testing them through winter in Europe, and the best part, all that abuse and they look as good as the day I bought them. We are Xero Shoe fans, my husband has the Alston model for work and my son wears the slip on Boaty. I’ll be trying their tennis shoes when my Merrel Vapors give out. I’m definitely a fan of the quality and durability Xero Shoes offer. If you are in the market for a good barefoot shoe/boot, check them out Xeroshoes.com.

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  1. Internet accident. I meant to click 5 stars, not 3. So let me correct the record: great review. Thank you!

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