Thanksgiving Adventures – Archery with Family

Like most, our thanksgiving was a whirlwind of driving 8hrs north to freezing cold IL to visit two sets of family. For me it’s total madness. The dogs had to come this trip, no pet sitter, I forgot to pack things and I despise large gatherings, especially ones involving multiple instruments played live in multiple rooms all day. Give me nature, peace and quiet please. However, one bright spot of our otherwise dreary, miserable weekend was a trip to the local archery range.

My mother came up with the idea, probably sick of hearing me complain about driving to visit people only for everyone to sit in the living room on their phones which I could have done at home… (I really dislike the holidays, bah humbug.) this was a great diversion. We packed into the car and drove across town to Archers Alley. While the store itself is a little tired around the edges, much of Decatur, IL is these days, we had a great time making use of their indoor archery range. The cost was $15 per person an hour using paper targets and rental bows. About 30min in we were given a moving target as well, a ping pong ball on a blower that “floated” in the air with some bounce to it. Spurred some competition and I have to say, I won… put a hole right through that ping pong ball and stuck it to the wall. We had some laughs poking fun at my ambidextrous father who used both the right and left hand bows in the wrong hands, yet still had pretty good aim. Shoulders tired, our hour spent, we were preparing to leave when we were told we couldn’t yet, the news crew was there… We laughed thinking it was a joke, but in walked the camera guy… so, sore but not defeated we hopped back on the range with a new ping pong ball to conquer. My mother knocking it down that round. My father teaching the camera guy how to hold the bow in the opposite hand he’s supposed to since he argued we were all wrong… good times.

While it wasn’t a huge adventure, my reason in writing about it is to encourage you to try new things. Get off your phones, go hike if the weather is good. If it’s bad, find something indoors. Maybe archery, ice skating, dance lessons, shooting range, indoor climbing, whatever it may be to get out of the house and make your holiday memorable.

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