How to Maintain Semi Permanent Crazy Colored Hair on Vacation

Let’s face the facts. Your crazy colored hair is going to fade… But it doesn’t have to happen on vacation! I love colorful hair and I’ve had many colors over the years. My routine has changed as I’ve gotten older and easy to maintain is the name of the game these days. Doesn’t mean I want to be walking around on a trip with fading hair or bleeding out if I decide to swim in a heavily chlorinated pool or get caught in the rain! Sure, fading can be pretty if you like to watch your hair go pastel. However, I’m a bright and vibrant fan myself and sometimes those brights just don’t fade into pretty colors and look more drab and dreary instead of pastel cuteness.

The dreaded fade out starting from a chlorinated pool. Original color was Pravana Wild Orchid but it faded to bubble gum pink in a week of cold showers and swimming in a hotel pool. Kinda funny to leave a stream of pink floating behind you as you swim though…

My years of experimentation with many brands of semi-permanents finally led me to Overtone Color Conditioner. I’ve used several shades of their vibrant colors and simply love this system. Use the deep conditioner once every two weeks (maybe longer depending how often you wash your hair) and the daily conditioner after every shampoo. This works fine for bleached or virgin hair. I used to bleach to have it as vibrant as possible and I loved it. However, after several years I’ve developed an allergy and can no longer bleach. So I now use Overtone Purple for Brown Hair. My natural color is a dark blond with a lot of gray mixed in these days. Overtone doesn’t promise to stick to gray hair but it seems to do fine on mine. I will say that it has more sticking power if I open the cuticle by shampooing, gently drying it, and then depositing the deep conditioner. I do not use any other dye to maintain my color and no salon visits. Just Overtone. Bonus, it loves hot water so you don’t have to take freezing showers to wash your hair like I used to with Pravana, Manic Panic, Arctic Fox, etc… I do not have any bleeding out or staining my clothes with Overtone like I did with the other brands. The only complaint I have is that you do need to be careful when applying your conditioner in the shower (Mostly I’ve noticed with Purple for Brown Hair, the others were not a big deal). If there is white grout, it may stain in. That being said, it usually bleaches out fine with some spray cleaner and I’ve never had any issues with a hotel about it, even if i’ve left their bright white towels a little colored as it washes out without issue.

Want a $10 coupon for your first purchase? Click Here. Yes, if you order I receive some points to go towards future purchases for myself. Help a crazy colored hair person out. Ha ha. I recommend the sets that come with the travel size daily conditioner as I save the travel bottle for trips, but if you need a travel size of the deep conditioner check out the sample size containers as you’ll find smaller in that section.

The above colors were dyed and maintained by using and/or mixing together Extreme Pink, Extreme Purple, Extreme Blue, or Purple for Brown Hair. All by Overtone.

As a side note, if you prefer to shop at Sally Beauty Supply, I’ve also used Ion Pigments in Neon Purple. Same idea, but not the same result. It bleeds out and stains everything, you’ve been warned. But if you need something quick at least you know it’s probably available. I used it for our trip to Hawaii, but it did not hold my color for the 10 days we were there and I was pretty faded by the time I got home. I used it over Pravana Vivids Violet, which also bleeds like you’ve murdered Barney, but it is a lovely color. Ion Neon Purple will turn it a bit more reddish/pink toned purple as you can see some in this photo from our Hawaii trip.

Hair color was Pravana Vivids Violet and “maintained” with Ion Pigment Neon Purple conditioner which altered the violet to a more pinkish color.
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